Our Mission

“To provide organizations with a sustainable approach to elevate and sustain performance”
We offer a unique approach to leading-edge knowledge creation and dissemination in strategy execution. We combine thought-leadership in academia with decades of experience in corporate leadership to generate rigorous yet practical techniques to driving results. We believe that the key to differentiating ourselves lies in our focus on sustainable execution – simultaneous practice that is both flexible and stable to meet the demands of today and embrace the changes of tomorrow.

Our Values

Fortitude. Resolute. Accessibility. Integrity.
Our team is committed to a culture that values and demonstrates the leadership traits that differentiate execution leaders from other leaders in the organization. We continuously reflect on our own practices to assess execution leadership strengths and avoid driving a higher cost of execution than necessary.

Contact Us:

Sustainable Execution Research Collaborative

c/o Kathryn Brohman ([email protected])

Smith School of Business
462 Goodes Hall, 143 Union Street West
Queen’s University
Kingston, ON Canada K7L 2P3