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Build Capacity

Do more with less by allocating the right resources to the right jobs, stretching resources through digital business models and motivating their employees to 'go the extra mile'.

Generate Momentum

Fuel velocity for driving results by stabilizing the business so everyone has a consistent, coherent understanding about what the organization is trying to achieve, how work gets done, and why it matters.

Promote Synergy

Accelerate execution by unleashing new forms of collaboration that use data to solve real problems and ventilate silos to produce results that are greater than the sum of parts.

Sustain Focus

Invest in the reality that 'time is money' by focusing the day-to-day whirlwind of activity on doing work that delivers results.
Such a timely and compelling read for organizations who are transforming, disrupting the status quo and challenged with sustaining the organizational energy needed to raise the bar.

- Peter Taylor, President at Keywork Labs Inc.

A straight-forward, common sense approach to building organization muscle and capability. The concept and flow of Structure, Rhythm and Awareness is a powerful explanation how organizations and teams can achieve sustainable execution.

- David Cyr, Senior VP of Technology and Operations, Royal Bank of Canada

Through four key mindset "Shifts", an insightful guide is provided to business managers who want to set their departments up for future success, by focusing their organizational energy against enabling the purposeful execution of their business strategy.

- David Markwell, Sr. VP Information Technology, Loblaw Companies Ltd.